G.A.B.Y (NL)

G.A.B.Y (dj name of Gaby Kraaijenhof and stands for Go Ahead ! Be Yourself) has been around for quite a few years. Born and raised in Amsterdam Noord he witnessed the beginning of the housescene. Has given successful parties with some friends called S.M.A.R.T in Amsterdam around 1995. After that he had his own club night in the Amsterdam club TIME (later changed the name to ITEM) and played in many Amsterdam clubs like Studio80, CUE Bar, Panama, Paradiso, RLGC and Club NL. These days working in the studio at NachtLab Amsterdam together with Jan Boom with a new collab called Around Us and developing his sound towards the deeper melodic side in progressive house. Releases on BC2 Records, LuPS Records, MANUAL Music, Click Records and soon more to come.
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