Fraulein Z (NL)

Techno-electro mistress, Fraulein Z, is a Netherlands based female producing DJ. She performs and produces a stronger techno-electro sound. Fraulein Z is one of the creators and owners of the infamous Herr Zimmerman club nights in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She is the powerful musical and creative force behind these more extravagant club nights. In January 2013 she started Herr Zimmerman record label, as a logical follow up of the very energetic techno-electro sound played at the Herr Zimmerman parties. The first release on Herr Zimmerman label is the single release of ‘Sex Shooter’, written and produced by Fraulein Z. Also a very cool and funny Sex Shooter-Video clip was produced by Menno van Dijk. 'Sex Shooter' received very good feedback from various international radiostations & dance music blogs, and the videoclip was broadcasted on Xite TV!
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