Frankie Franco (CO)

Visionary and talent buyer. Carlos Franco has been changing the music scene in Medellín since his early 20's. Now, at just 30, he's in command of the main office of Breakfast Club, the biggest promoter in the local yard. In the past five years he has expanded the entertainment business in the city, connecting international strategic allies and incorporating new forms of cultural consumption into the youngest audience's DNA. Breakfest, La Solar, Ritvales and the first south-american version of Cocoon In The Park are just a few big events he's involved with. He considers himself as a connector and predicts very bright years to come for the music industry in his country, in all possible levels. Colombia is the new kid on the block, and Medellín the new music capital of Latin America. Frankie is also the co-founder and booker in charge of one the hottest electronic clubs in Medellín, the highly regarded Salón Amador. For pover five years the venue has brought some of the most important DJs and live acts around the world, changing the context, the future and the perspective of the nightlife scene and the electronic music culture in the city of the eternal spring. However, alternative and electronic music are not just a comfort zone. He's committed to exporting the new wave of urban Latin music, trap and hip hop talent, that is growing worldwide nowadays, through his other big club Bolívar, which was recently the home for the first reggaeton and urban sounds Boiler Room ever, proving that beyond genre labels, there's a big music scene that needs to be connected.
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