Franca Rehm (DE)

It was Franca’s school bus driver who brought her in touch with electronic music and made her buy her first vinyls. That was in 1996, at the age of ten. But as time moves slowly and moods pass quickly in that age, it took various hip hop, rock and reggae compilations and another 6 years until she re-discovered her passion for techno music. After having moved to Cologne in 2006, it was a matter of time until she bought her own equipment and started expanding her collection. Within a few months, she was out playing the bars and clubs of Cologne. Only seeing Franca’s face while playing, she might as well be meditating but don’t let her concentration fool you; she is smiling on the inside. Her deep understanding of flow and movement is addictive, her energy persuades you within seconds. Franca’s elaborate compilation of music makes you understand that she knows about silence and the longing for ecstasy. With each track chosen from her vinyl-only collection the crowds desire to want more and dance more only increases. Franca knows how to conquer the party crowd: she moves with her audience, listening carefully and always staying three records ahead of the crowd, planning how to capture her audience. She plays a selection of records that comes from a vast knowledge of and deep love for music and dancing, shaping her sets around the atmosphere and feeling in the room, never relying on new or trendy sounds. She maintains a constant level of colorful energy, playing on the fringes of house and techno, with a sense of funk and soul and, yes! humor. It’s no wonder why Franca’s fans give her their undivided attention at each and every show, and with one thrust of her arm to the air, you will remember why you love music and why you love to dance all over again.
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