fradkin (NL)


As a DJ, I combine the relentless sound of hypnotic techno and my exploration of metaphysics with the aim to transform philosophical ideas into a sonic experience of mind-body synergy.

Inspired by the elusive relation between mind and matter, I take the perspective of neutral monism: that, at the most fundamental level of existence, there is only one thing – that is neither physical nor mental, but rather constitutes the a priori dimension of possibilities from which all reality derives.

Mix releases:

Der Liebe (Bristol, UK)MOD82 (Seoul, South Korea)Codecast (Buenos Aires, Argentina)ASW (Utrecht, Netherlands)Yax Invites (Adelaide, Australia)

I also specialise in black & white film photography, which I have designed as cover art for Codecast, Johan Sebastian, and Freddy K’s Krzrzrz radio show.

Alongside, I am a copywriter, having written conceptual texts for Platform 22, AMW.FM, and Heptadeca.

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