Flôr Brohm (NL)


Goosebumps from head to toe. Butterflies flying around in your stomach. A big rush of adrenaline.. how do you describe that feeling you get just before your favorite act sets foot on the stage? That feeling is indescribable.

This is what Flôr Brohm and her team create. Flôr Brohm is the CEO of design agency Roxxi, based in Eindhoven. Together with her team, which consists of almost only women, they design stages and venues for big events within the industry. Think about events like Rebirth Festival, Lakedance, Pinkpop and Intents Festival. Flôr works almost every day to create a stage or venue that is jaw-dropping and she gives every project a personal and unique touch. She and her team want you to smile from ear to ear and give you that indescribable feeling that makes your life, or at least that moment, better than any other moment you’ve experienced so far.

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