Filthy Kid ()

Project by Stefan Ivanjac, Filthy Kid is pseudonym by new wave side from deep, dark and melodic rhythm. According to his sets and labels you can figure experimental variation from deep, tech & techno music. Behind him are many projects, upcoming album and years of production and collabs with many artist and friends. Beside album there are ep's and few single tracks signed for Phunk Traxx, Enter, Groovant, Gain, etc. same as upcoming releases with D.R.N.D.Y, Phunk Investigation & Richard Cleber. As he say 2016 is great music year for him. Gigs around the Serbia and closer countries enabled him to create his goal and dynamic direction in music career. In 2016 he released Mercy & Kagax ep's and take attention & support from many great artists around the world such are "Paco Osuna, Forest People, Tomy DeClerque, Phunk Investigation, Engi, Subfractal and many more..."
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