Fever Brothers (IT)

The "Fever Brothers" are a band formed in Summer 2011 in Salerno (Italy). Its lineup consists of Danilo Ferrara and Raffaele Sica, who met by chance and soon found out they were extraordinarily in tune as far as music is concerned. So they decided to start the project ìFever Brothersî and composed their first House songs. After that, they began working for "Deep&Dance Radio" with Roberto Albini and Sara Muratore. In winter 2011, the "Fever brothers" were discovered by the popular music producer Vincent Valler. After a few months, on March 16th, 2012 they released their first EP called ìBEGINî, of which such DJs as Christian Hornbostel and Alfred Azzetto have shown high appreciation. Together with singer Psycho Bee, the Fever Brothers produce a disc of great impact in the world ranking of Traxsource, finishing among the top 100 Deep Songs of 2012. Always in 2012 they produce the first remix for Christian Hornbostel & Alfred Azzetto produced by the prestigious "Purple Music Tracks". Then they work with "The Creative Soul" with which they produce "It's All About You" sung by the famous international singer "Kareem". In March 2013, the Fever Brothers have performed at the great event "Winter Music Conference" in Miami, ranking among the few Italian DJs to have been able to participate in that event. In the course of 2013 they have also collaborated with other labels such as Soul Deep Inc., miniMarket, Cult Notes etc.. Many of the songs are still in Release and collaborations will not miss ... stay tuned with Fever Brothers!
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