Faniac (NL)


Fabian van der Lee came in contact with the hardcore / Gabber scene in the late 90’s. At the age of 8 he joined in on the ‘hype’ and collected several Thunderdome CDs, merchandise and of course the well known Australian clothes. At the start of the millennium the early scene almost disappeared. For Fabian this meant that he had to turn to other music, but somewhere deep inside the Gabber feeling stayed alive within him. So when Fabian visited his fi rst small hardcore party in a little town near Amsterdam, he began to feel his ‘hardcore heart’ pumping again. In April 2008 Fabian joined the Strength of Unity crew. Through the years Fabian had experimented with a lot of styles & subgenres, but eventually he chose the one sound that suited him best: early hardcore. Faniac’s style is energetic, wild, passionate & well balanced. a true purist! His sets always contain a large segment of rare tunes that you usually don’t hear on the dancefloor. including new, fresh tracks to spice things up!

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