Everest (CN)

Everest (Muning An), a Techno music producer from China, lives in Milan and majors in electronic music producing at the Verdi Music Academy of Milan. Under the nurture of the profession of Verdi Music Academy of Milan, his considerable skill of producing and control of the scene have gained recognition of the professionals in this line from Italy and other European countries, and he has invited by several well-known music festivals and clubs. In 2017 and 2018, he has been walking on the frontline of underground scene in Beijing and Shanghai. His style roots deeply into the passion for Ambient and Minimal influences, full of melody clear bass lines. Various hardware synthesizer, intricate module system and drum synthesizer are adopted in his music producing, and the match of timbre texture and sound position is focused which is constructed rigorously, which is inseparable with his cultivation and edifying from his profession education in Verdi. And unique aesthetics and high pursuit for Minimalist ambient could be shown in his Star Wars. Exploring for the unique timbre system endows his composition sci-fi and epic cinematic image.
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