Eloy (NL)

Born and raised in the Bronx, DJ Eloy emerged into the nightlife scene as an entertainer born into a family of DJs. Beyond his skills as a part of his heritage, DJ Eloy has close personalties with many of the most sought after individuals within his industry including DJ Kris P, DJ Crush and DJ 2nd Nature. His relationships with various DJ personalities in multiple genres personifies his ability to appeal to vinyl and CD aficionados by creating unique music video mashups. DJ Eloy has already spun at some of the hottest clubs in NYC such as Roxy, Tunnel, Avalon, and Marquee. Currently he has video remixing residencies Seattle, Boston and New York and San Francisco. DJ Eloy’s roster boasts spinning for some of the hottest artists and celebrities such as Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Carmen Electra, Dave Navarro, Seth Green, Lawrence Fishbourne, and Eva Mendez. In 2008 DJ Eloy began organizing and chairing instructional courses for Rane VSL video remixing software. Now, DJ Eloy creates exclusive video remixes for celebrities such as the second baseman, #24 Robinson Canó of the World Series Champions the New York Yankees. A former video editor for Strictly Hits , DJ Eloy has also created edits for prominent video pools such as Promo Only and BlastVids. Microsoft’s Windows Media Guide website selected DJ Eloy to premiere his unique video mashups on their website. His dream of performing on a consistent basis on the international arena came true when he was offered a residency position with a leading entertainment group in Tokyo. Now in 2013, DJ Eloy has extended his abilities to television, co-hosting an informational DJ series which has become wildly popular among the VDJ and Video DJ community, Video Report. In an industry that continues to move forward, DJ Eloy has always been at the forefront of technology that affects the DJ world. After years of holding crowds in the NYC metro area and exponentially increasing the fan base of his residencies, DJ Eloy brings his unique ear and love for music into national and international locales.
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