Ellie Talebian (GB)

Artist & Speaker

Ellie Talebian is a playful DJ, Radio Presenter, Therapist and Communications Director from Brighton, bringing two decades of experience in wellbeing and the music industry.

Offering broadcasting, voice-over, Mental Health Awareness training and consulting solutions for creative industries, Ellie has crafted a notably ethical career in the sector. She prides herself on working and collaborating with brands she loves whilst staying true to her roots of helping individuals, communities and charitable initiatives through the power of music.

After working at a charity coordinating courses such as Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA) and joining the music industry as a presenter and interviewer, Ellie noticed a gap in the provision of mental health training tools to keep industry members safe whilst on the job and introduced MHFA across a range of divisions placing herself at the forefront of championing workplace and industry-led initiatives to mobilise change.

When she began her journey to implement change with a handful of others in the industry, it was at a time filled with closed doors, unreturned emails and an industry unwilling to have uncomfortable conversations or acknowledge there was an inevitable downside.

A trailblazer, she promoted positive mental health whilst actively recognising and speaking out frankly on the challenges of an ever-changing industry, sharing lived experience and leading the way to highlight accessible solutions.

From working front of house in clubs, behind the bar to promoting events and access to music education for all, Ellie is a seasoned music industry professional, a passionate selector and an advocate for the next generation of industry heads. Ellie is an active She Said So community member instrumental in co-coordinating the Brighton chapter's meetups and events.

Whether DJing, presenting or working with We are Hummingbird, Brighton Music Conference, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation, Gaydio, Good Vibrations Society and many more, with irrepressible energy and wit, Ellie places herself front and centre of creating the right environment to ensure that playfulness and inspiring conversations around mental health are always on the agenda.

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