Ella van der Woude (CH)

Ella van der Woude is a Swiss-Dutch musician, songwriter and film composer. In 2016, she produced a dream Pop/Triphop EP with Stew Jackson (Massive Attack, Phantom Limb), and more recently released “Solo Piano” on Snowstar Records, an ambient piano-based album.

Classically trained with a degree in composition, she has been composing film scores for most of her artistic life. Van der Woude has worked with top established and emerging filmmaking talent from The Netherlands, including Guido Hendrickx (Among Us, 2014; Stranger in Paradise, 2016), Ena Sendijarevic (Import, 2016; Take Me Somewhere Nice, 2019) and Mees Peijnenburg (A Hole in My Heart, 2014; We will never be Royals, 2015; Paradise Drifters, 2020)

Recent cinema-related projects include Dutch actress Halina Reijn’s directorial debut Instinct, winner of the Variety Piazza Grande Award at the Locarno film festival and Nico van den Brink’s debut Moloch, for which she won a Golden Calf and a Buma Music in Motion Award.Foto in de bijlage

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