Elfra (BE)


After having a classical formation, Piano, sax, clarinet and violoncello, Eveline was more and more attracted to electronic music.

At that time her musical examples were Ritchie Hawtin, Sasha, Digweed/ Orbital/ Death can Dance, Jimmy Hendrix, The doors.

In 2002 Eveline started to play techno and progressive on vinyl, in 2008 she had a pause of 4 years.

In 2012 she tasted again playing the decks, after one year she came in touch with goa-trance music and people, and fell in love immediately.

She started playing goa-trance ever since. In April 2014 she had her first public 'gig' with the Amanita Muscaria team @ Decadance Ghent.

Now Eveline is playing old school goa-trance as ElfRa, psy-trance and forest as Quendi'Ra and progressive, techno and minimal as Eva D.

She played on several festivals like Nova's incident, SpaceSafari and parties in Belgium and also in Holland, Romania, Switzerland, Luxemburg and France.

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