Elay Lazutkin (RU)

Originally from Moscow Russia, Elay Lazutkin has carved a niche for himself as one of today’s rising stars in the electronic, and techno music scene. Elay has dedicated three quarters of his life to music. At the age of six he started playing the guitar. When he was sixteen, he received his degree in music. After reaching age, eighteen he discovered his innate ability to write electronic music. At the end of 2008 Elay fell in love with the new sound of techno music, after many years listening to other genres of electronic dance music. He enjoyed the light, airy, and technical sound in this music; thus minimal techno captivated him instantly. In the fall of 2009, the first ideas for the Elay Lazutkin project manifested themselves, and his first tracks were recorded. By the end of October, having already established himself as a successful electronic musician, Elay released his debut EP, “Freedom” on German label Planet B.E.N. Techno. This release was met with massive support from his fellow musicians, and received an explosion of critical acclaim. Following this success, Elay Lazutkin received an offer to release his second EP, “My Cosmo Cat” on the label, IBZ Recordings / Spain, Ibiza. This release further solidified his status as a techno producer, and received support from many gurus of the techno music scene. In the summer of 2010, Elay released three EPs: “Why Not?” and “Pitch Like Sex” featuring remixes of Elay’s original tracks, as well as his mini-album from the Italian label Binary404, “Come On.” During Winter 2010, the American music label Armada Music, together with with Perfecto Records released new compilation. The track list included Elay’s track, “Let’s Take Noise.” Later in 2010, Elay released another new mini-album “Ibiza”, on IBZ Recordings. As a career turning point, this release drew attention from nearly everyone in the industry. Elay LazutkinIn the first half of 2011, Elay released tracks on several compilations from UMEK, on the top labels: Toolroom and 1605 Music Therapy. His tracks “Ibiza” and “1Guy” spent several months on Beatport’s Top 100 downloads. After that, he presented his new single, “3003” on the New York based music label, King Street Sounds. Later in 2011, Elay released his single “UFO” on King Street Sounds, as well as his mini-album “Funky” on IBZ Recordings. With the arrival of 2012, Elay started the year with several releases including: “Watch It” by King Street Sounds, and “It’s Not Me” by Neptuun City. During the Summer Elay was working on a new mini-album entitled “Fuckin Rave”. He continued year with “What You Do” which was supported by Richie Hawtin. He also launched his monthly podcast of mixes, live sets, radio shows, and released exclusive promos for fans and every techno lover. The new year, 2013 started with the release of Elay’s new single, “Ya Lublu Techno,” featuring 5 remixes by internationally renowned producers. Elay’s LIVE set was also completely revamped, updated, and re-organized to include upwards of 3-hours of blasting LIVE techno, multiple controllers, and multiple software environments synced up to perfection. The month of February saw two more releases: “The Pill” EP featuring brand new original tracks, and “Fdp” SP featuring two remixes. Elay continues to work on new original music, and regularly plays clubs and festivals all around the world. With his music career experiencing massive success, Elay launched his own electronic music label, SYNC FX. The release schedule for his new label is already full with singles and EPs by an assortment of new and established artists. With his collection of experience, and a bright future ahead, Elay is in high demand, as one of today’s leading artists in the worldwide techno music scene.
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