Eelrack (US)

Darting about in the murky waters of brooklyn ny, eelrack is known as a stealthy predator in the underground house scene, creeping up on his party-going prey when they least expect it. it’s this element of surprise that has put him on a rapid path to success as he exhibits the agility derived from his namesake. producing sharp-toothed, carnivorous cuts one after the next, eelrack is now slithering his way to global renown following years of evolution under various prior identities. spewing a viscid sound that’s entirely his own, he’s racked up informal plaudits from the likes of richie hawtin, damian lazarus, shiba san and claude vonstroke – the natural result of seeking to shock the ecosystem with each and every release. eelrack’s performances hit all the right pressure points to rattle the mind and body. each passing track slips into the cracks of your consciousness. those who have witnessed this phenomenon are many in number; from stepping in for the legendary sasha during peak hour at edc vegas to “getting real” with green velvet & claude vonstroke at exchange la,, eelrack has proven he’s well-equipped to get heads down and gills flaring. yet perhaps eelrack’s foremost trait is his ability to lure all types into his abyss of underwater bliss. time and time again, the experienced and fresh-faced alike have not hesitated to dive down and swim alongside. ~ ~ ~ eelrack has shared the stage with... richie hawtin, carl cox, mark knight, umek, eric prydz, disclosure, green velvet & claude vonstroke: get real, duke dumont, bakermat, jamie jones, gaiser, paco osuna, francesca lombardo, art department, damian lazarus, anthony attalla, cassy, justin martin, george fitzgerald, j.phlip, kill frenzy, jack beats, jimmy edgar, doorly, and more…
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