Edward Cook (NL)

Edward Cook (aka Tjeerd Doornbos) – is a talented artists on his own account. Obviously, even though he shares a great musical denominator, he is a cheeky bastard in his late twenties ready to conquer the world. But you have to admit: when he is on the decks, it’s nothing then a short of magic. In its short existence as a deejay, Edward Coke has played some of the prime spots (Soenda, Amsterdam Open Air, A Day In the Park, Magneet festival, Wild und Frei Festival, Mystic garden festival) Club Wilde Renate (Berlin). Berns (Stockholm) Paradiso, Studio 80, Westerunie, Disco Dolly, Winkel van Sinkel, … and the adventure has only just begun!
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    2017 & 2016
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