Edith Severs (NL)

Speaker (Copyright Power International BV)

Edith Severs started her career in the music industry at Buma/Stemra as coordinator of the Audio Visual department, at that time the only ‘commercial island' in the field of Syncs.

After Buma/Stemra she worked as professional manager for the ‘Zomba Music Group’ representing acts as the publisher of Backstreet Boys, Iron Maiden, John Lee Hooker, Britney Spears etc and overseeing their Music Libraries in Benelux and GAS territories. Zomba Music was bought by BMG in 2002.

As chair on the board of ‘Stichting Tune (Tune Foundation) she actively participated in the merger with BCMM (Beroepsvereninging Componisten Multimedia).

Founded Copyright Power International in 1992. Since then a succesful independend Music Publishing Company and Back Office for Artists, Composers, Sub publishers and Agencies. Expert in syncs, Online label releases and specialist in managing International Royalty flows. Started a brand new library "Liberry" together with BCCM and Investeringsfonds for muziek during Covid.

Passionate to close the international online media music gap=> Give those whoe make music for online advertisements what they deserve!


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