Edith Severs (NL)

Speaker (Copyright Power International BV)

Edith Severs started her career in the music industry at Buma/Stemra as coordinator of the audio visual department. At that time this was the only ‘commercial island' in the field of syncs. After Buma/Stemra she worked as a professional manager at ‘Zomba Music Group’, representing, as the publisher, the music of Backstreet Boys, Iron Maiden, John Lee Hooker and Britney Spears. Zomba Music was bought by BMG in 2002.

She started her own independent music publishing company Copyright Power International in 1992. Since then it has become a succesful publishing company and back office for artists, composers and agencies. It specilises in guarding international royalty flows, sync licensing and a boutique music library “Liberry”.

She is chair of the board of ‘Stichting Tune' (Tune Foundation), chair at the Supervisory Board of the Dutch copyright organisation Buma/Stemra and is a vice chair of the Dutch Music Publishers Association NMUV.


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