Eddie Caruso (ZA)


Eddie is originally from South Africa and came to Austria when his home country still struggled with Apartheid. The family relocated to Vienna in the late 80’s. From a very young age Eddie was exposed to a massive amount of music, due to the fact that his father is a full on musician and artist.

Over the course of time, techno was born and so was Eddie's love for it. During the 1990’s with the first Techno parties and festivals, Eddie soon discovered his passion and love for electronic, especially techno and playing it on Vinyl. Over the past 20 years he collected an enormous amount of classics and contemporary vinyl. Furthermore he started producing his own tracks as well as discovered new means of playing music on CDJ's, controllers and a live set up.
He played in the biggest clubs in Vienna such as Flex, Exil and many more. Also he is co-founder of Techno Kitchen and member of the Label Leisure Music Productions.
Eddie is a very talented and versatile DJ with a long time knowledge of electronic music and a master in mixing it.

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