Ed Rush (GB)

An artist synonymous with Drum and Bass, Ed Rush has become a byword for cutting edge, forward thinking beats. Moving through the sounds of hip hop and electro in his early musical years, Ed Rush soon became interested in the emerging London jungle scene. Showing his innate ability to manipulate chopped breakbeats and piles of sub-low bass, it wasn't long before Ed Rush and Nico dropped the huge 'Bludclot Artattack'. The first classic to Ed Rush’s name, this proved to be a platform for another collaboration with DJ Trace. Simultaneously developing his own style whilst pushing the boundaries of a genre, classics such as ‘The Mutant' and 'Guncheck' put Ed Rush’s attitude injected productions firmly on the map. One of the pioneers of new sound dubbed Techstep, Ed Rush soon teamed up within another leading light, Optical; to form what would become one of the most progressive production teams in the scene. In 1998, Ed Rush & Optical released an album universally recognized as changing the landscape of Drum and Bass forever with the legendary, ‘Wormhole’ on Virus Recordings. Still regarded as one of the main catalysts for the Neuro and Techstep sound, ‘Wormhole’ paved the way for household names such as Noisia, Bad Company and many more. Since then Ed Rush has released a plethora of genre-defining tracks and albums, both solo and with his partner in crime, Optical. Still busy at work on a new Ed Rush & Optical LP due in late 2013, Ed Rush is not merely content with helping shape the scene and remaining one of its most consistent producers. Beginning his own venture, he now looks to the future with the birth of Piranha Pool. An outlet for showcasing new talent and veterans alike, Piranha Pool represents what will be the future of Drum and Bass.
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