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O.K. it may seem that we've been away for a bit. But EC Groove Society has been working hard in the studio to supply you with new music. From now on EC Groove Society is an internet only act. Forget about cd's, forget about vinyl. We're bored with the slowness of the industry. Oh, we remember it so well, having to wait for months on a releasedate after completing new tracks. From now on we release whenever we want. And as soon as possible. Music is about here and now. Music is about writing a tune today, releasing it tomorrow. When we released our internet only album In Progress in 2000 - composing and releasing a track every month - we were a bit early. The concept was good, but internet hadn't the impact it has now. It's a good thing that that has changed. It's a good thing the world of music has come to terms with the internet. Watch this space. This is where we publish our new music!
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