Hailing from South Africa, DESIREE has crafted a reputation for her effortless blend of various musical styles, with a distinct emphasis on African-inspired house, all the while welcoming an array of eclectic sounds. Her performances, showcased in renowned festivals and clubs like DC-10, Brooklyn Mirage, fabric, and others worldwide, are marked by nimble dancing and impeccable track selection, spanning genres from deep house and techno to soulful cuts. Beyond DJing, she is a talented producer, having released her debut EP "Femme Tech" in June 2022 and remixing tracks such as 'Pussy Power' by Keinemusik and LP Giobbi’s 'All I Need' on Counter Records in 2023. DESIREE proudly embraces her identity as an intersex woman, using her success to raise awareness about the diverse range of non-binary biological characteristics encompassed by the term "intersex." Through her music and advocacy, she stands as a driving inspiration, leaving her mark not solely as an artist but also within the expansive conversations surrounding identity and representation.

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