Dylan-S (KE)


Hailing from nairobi, kenya, Dylan-S is a dynamic dj and producer whose unique sound blends house and techno with african rhythms, vocals, and soundscapes. With a strong presence in the african electronic music scene, he has played sets in some of the world's top venues. Including berlin's watergate club, london's bedford square & 22, johannesburg's and club, And many more.
A visionary label owner along with foozak, he founded ewaso records, which explores the deeper, darker side of african-inspired electronic music. Additionally, the sounds of series, created by dylan-s and the midi minds trio, merge traditional kenyan sounds with contemporary electronic music, showcasing the rich and diverse musical heritage of east africa. With a passion for pushing boundaries and a deep respect for musical traditions, dylan-s is a rising star in the global electronic music community.

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