Du Baron (NL)


A creative DJ and producer from Breda turns all style music with vinyl and digital into its own story.

As a youngster he was already in love with music and playing it, and soon found his way to the stage. In the early 80s he was mainly attracted to house music. He mixed his specialties Funky house, Nu Disco, Disco and Italo Disco without any problem. His radio program Italo Dance Night is a big hit in Italy and the Netherlands. It is mainly the special events where he takes visitors on his music journey. His mixtapes can be listened to on Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Youtube. In 2023 he was the winner of the Italo Disco Take Over in Riccione. In his daily life he is a music teacher and transmits his knowledge to the new generation. As a producer he creates edits of house classics and plays at various events in the Netherlands and Italy.

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