Dr. Aida Vazin (IR)

Speaker (GPS Counselor)

Dr. Aida has been in practice since 2006 providing therapeutic services to aid in stress management, couples counseling, and cultural integration for immigrants. She transitioned over to a full-time virtual practice in 2017, to be accessible to her busy, professional, international and traveling clients. This ensures that her clients can get a hold of her anywhere in the world. She has a background in cultural anthropology, sociology, psychology and human behavior. Alongside these academic theoretical frameworks, she has been trained in breathwork and hypnosis. She states “where talk therapy ends, breathwork or hypnotherapy take over to make lasting changes and profound impacts towards the progression and healing of an individual.” She has a strong passion towards supporting the gifted artists of the music industry. She helps artists reduce their stress and performance anxiety, as well as, lift creative blocks through talk therapy, breathwork and hypnotherapy. She has been an active board member of AFEM since 2018, and aided in revising the new edition of the Mental Health Guide. She studied at UCLA, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and American Premier University.

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