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A special preference of the three guys is their love for collecting instruments such as flutes, horns, percussions, glockenspiele, saxophones and many more. Mostly they are together in the studio and work in a very collective way. This is also a very big tick for the amenity between them, because most of the time they do all things together. Illness is also no reason for staying not together! In 2009 they released new Eps and Tracks on Circus Company, Eklo, Supplement Fact, Mothership, Children of tomorrow and Safari. Also they did remixes for Get Physical, Rebirth, Souvenir, Peppermint Jam, i ‘m single, Lessizmore, Electrochoc, Synchrophone, Brownswood and a little bit more. The year later in June 2010 they released their first Compilation on Watergate Records for the famous club Watergate from Berlin. In October appears their eagerly- awaited first album on Circus Company called “GREATEST HITS”. Actually they are playing all over the globe, so don’t miss them on stage and enjoy their show to get your own view if their music is dOP!
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