Dobble (Mispoes & Steffie Ditzel) (NL)

Dobble is a duo formed by Utrecht-based producer / live act Steffie Ditzel and Amsterdam-based DJ/producer Mispoes. The girls played together for the first time in in March 2014 at their favorite club, Doornroosje, and they had so much fun they to keep playing together and start Dobble. The girls play a mix of Deep, Tech, House & Techno and have amassed quite a following in a short period of time. They have played in Doornroosje, Club Poema, BEATCLUB, Club NL and at concepts such as Kranck, Schmutzig, Klamme Handjes & Vunzige Deuntjes and more.. ‘I could have never imagined that something as personal as my music would be able to make people dance. Music is my way of expression, my way of clearing my thoughts and my way of giving in to my emotions. The fact that something that personal can inspire others touches and affects me.’ That pretty much sums it up for Utrecht-based producer / live act Steffie Ditzel. What started out as a means of time killing grew into a pleasing way of pleasing others. Feeling perfectly comfortable at the stage and inviting all attendees to join in with her characteristic smile, Steffie Ditzel takes you on a trip evolving around her personal experiences and emotions. Moving to the city of Utrecht opened up a world of possibilities and a world of possible stages to let her music be heared: Steffie started playing at parties like Kranck and even the local biggest club, Club Poema and showed people her mirth-filled world while serving it with a topping of drive that characterises her sound. ‘Let’s be honest: joy is the happiest and best emotion there is around. That emotion needs a little extra exposure every once is a while’. ‘Music is more and more becoming a way of gaining total freedom and expanding my personal views on life. Finding like-minded people, evolving as a person, setting my rules for my direct environment... I truely feel freed by my music’. Modest and motivated to make the most out of every gig. Always working to stir her crowd. Down to earth and always following the path she set out for herself. Steffie Ditzel is a fine example of how far the motto ‘Work hard, play hard’ can bring a person. Mispoes is a DJ/producer from Amsterdam who plays a bangin’ combination of Deep House, Indie Dance, Nu Disco and Tech House. It’s no technical talk when Mispoes explains the way she controls the decks. It’s all about feeling the audience rather than to overthink what you’re doing. Led by the emotion that is the music and driven by the positive vibes from the dancefloor she blows her crowd away in a positive, energetic and joyful set. Mispoes is all about love, music, friends and dancing. She is the perfect addition to your sunny day festival and will have the audience jumping, grooving and smiling as long as the time-table will let her.
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