DJ Winggold (GB)

Artist & Speaker (Unbound Events)

DJ Winggold is one of the core minds behind Unbound Events, a London-based events platform using music as a vehicle to carve out a space for minorities in uncompromising fashion. Examining concepts of identity, self-actualization through the means of culture and the intersection of art and activism via an exploration of Afrofuturism, Unbound deploys a broad-yet-hyper-focused music policy to reflect the open-minded compassionate attitude that they want to reflect.

Occupying a multi-hyphenate space as a DJ, promoter, writer, radio host and community organiser, DJ WInggold has previously worked with Horst Festival as part of their Music Lab in order to bolster his activist endeavours. In doing so, he has participated in panels with individuals such as Dee Diggs, Lakuti and DJ Paulette, also conducting an interview with Underground Resistance label manager Cornelius Harris on the topic of Afrofuturism. He continues to tirelessly advocate for minorities within the industry through an array of multimedia projects and collaborations.

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