DJ The Enforcer (NL)


DJ The Enforcer was one of Strength of Unity's founders when it started throwing parties. From the beginning, he was one of the resident DJs. Usually, he played Oldschool sets on vinyl. He then switched to Early Hardcore when the Ouwe Stijl is Botergeil concept came around. It didn't take long until he fully adopted the Early Hardcore sound and he played that ever since! On occasion, he also plays an Early Terror set.

As of today his long history in different styles of electronic music still influences him. Not only as a DJ, but also as a music producer. His produced Early Hardcore tracks contain elements of the Oldschool vibe and other styles. The hard work of producing pays out in having a lot of fun in creating and feeling gratification for the Early Hardcore sound. So enjoy future releases of DJ The Enforcer!

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