DJ Ignacio Raalte (NL)

Music and entertainment have always been true passions of Ignacio. Put the two together and you have got the main ingredients for a good DJ. He started buying his first records when he was only twelve years old. Eager to share his music with other likeminded spirits he took the step towards buying his first set of turntables. If you are down with a blend of different musical styles all rooted with a funky vibe then coming to see Ignacio play is a definite must. This DJ will take you on a journey through Soulful House music but also 70’s and 80’s Classics, Hip Hop, and R&B. He started off with playing at Utrecht’s legendary nightclub Fellini and at a young age he was also invited to play at Escape Venue in Amsterdam. This club is well known by clubbers throughout Holland and abroad for providing it’s visitors only the best that dance music has to offer. Between 2002 and 2005 Ignacio became a resident DJ in various bars and clubs in Utrecht such as Club Storm, Winkel van Sinkel, Monza, and Quignon. In 2005 Ignacio entered a Corona mix contest in Holland. He won and was offered the possibility to enter a worldwide DJ contest in Marrakech (Morocco). In this competition he made it to the third place. While in Marrakech he also got a gig at Club Pacha. More recently he has also been playing at Club Lollipop in Albania and Club Freestyler in Belgrade. In 2006 Ignacio started spinning at Havana Utrecht. In this bar he successfully played three nights a week for about three years. After this period it became time to look for new places to conquer. Currently DJ Ignacio can be found spinning as a resident DJ at Grandcafe Lust in Utrecht and at Kitchen & Bar van Rijn in Amsterdam. He also plays regularly at La Cage and 53&33 in Amsterdam and at Quignon Utrecht. In addition to being a DJ, Ignacio also produces his own tracks. 2011 This Thing Called House ft. Chappell, at Gramma Rec. 2015 You ft. Chappell, at Diepside.
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