DJ Flava (NL)

It all started at the age of 7. That's when this little kid Ivo, came in touch with 2 turntables and a mixer. At a birthday party, where one of his cousins was dj-ing, he admired what his cousin was doing with the records; blending, scratching, cutting. Through the years he was using every record that he found around the house and tried to scratch with his moms old skool turntable. Growing up in a family that loves music, he connected with different types of music. From his uncle playing Rhythm & Blues records, to his older brother listening to late 80's, early 90's Hip Hop tracks. Most of the time growing up he listened to Hip Hop music, but that wasn't what got him playing records. At the age of 15 he bought his first records and knew a lot of the basic stuff that was needed to start playing. Around that time he also came in touch with friends who were DJ-ing, they learned him the things that he didn't knew, helping him become the DJ that he is today. "I consider myself as an Eclectic DJ, mostly influenced by Urban music. "In my view I always play 'good' music. What kind of style or genre it may be, doesn't matter, as long as it sounds good in my ears." Throughout the years FLAVA perfected his eclectic style and became one of the hottest eclectic DJ's in The Netherlands. Leaving his mark on every dancefloor. Being picked up international he also played at some highly inspiring clubs in England, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switserland, Surinam, Curucao, Dubai and Ibiza. As a producer he also creates his own music besides playing his favorite tracks. From Hiphop, Dancehall to Twerk and Trap, he's got it all! Other than producing and playing music he is also a radio host of his own weekly show called; CROSSOVER RADIO, every Wednesday on, bringing the best new tracks from the club to the radio. Loved by the crowd and respected by his colleagues FLAVA sets the bar high, brings his sexy signature style and always delivers beyond expectations!
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