DJ Dyna (NL)

When it comes to eclectic, Dyna is the wizard behind the wheels of plastic! He’s an always happy appearance in the dance scene, loaded with energy. When unleased upon a DJ booth, Dyna rocks the decks with a unique blend of latin/electro/eclectic sounds. A typical set of Dyna will consist of mostly house, combined in true eclectic style with hiphop and dancehall classics and even way back to the sounds of swingbeat. The result is a whole lot of happy ladies on the dance floor and the guys bouncing to the grooves! Tough being in the music game for half a decade, 2009 has been the year Dyna exploded in the scene. With gigs from the Caribbean island of Aruba, throughout the different party havens surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, to his home country Surinam and of course the biggest clubs in Holland. Every 3 rd Saturday of the month, Dyna has his own night at the Thalia Lounge in Rotterdam. Rocking the decks with a selection of local heroes and of course the star himself. His ‘Sexedup’ concept has proven to be successful with sold-out clubnights time after time.
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