DJ Devotion (NL)

"I Wanna Give You Devotion" and "If You're Looking For Devotion, Talk To Me" are two famous lines in clubbin' history that made me choose my name and my profession. My style is defined by moving tracks, whether they be called house, tech, tribal or otherwise. It can't really be put in a box, unless the terminology would be "dance-able".” That is how Manuel (DJ Devotion) describes himself as a DJ. As an 80’s kid he was influenced by a lot of musical genres and was mesmerized by the birth of house music in that same decade. This was the moment that started his love for electronic music. And there was no better way to share this love than to start spinning these melodic tracks in public. Today, this translates into sets where he picks apart and infuses all the pieces of the music that he loves best: stunning synths, brooding basslines and sublime vocal hooks… all on top of a foot-shuffling house beat. He is also an active member in the local gay DJ community and he tries to newcomers to become better DJ’s. “For me, it’s all about creating a mood and playing those tracks that get you moving, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date. “
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