DJ Bl3nd (US)

Boasting arguably the most famous (or at least longest) tongue bar Miley Cyrus, DJ Bl3ND has gone from YouTube sensation to international superstar in just over a year. While it may be surprising for some, little more than a mask — or some sort of larger-than-life gimmick — is enough to garner EDM hysteria these days; add to that this guy's hyperactive use of Serato Scratch Live and his wild, pseudo-punk attitude and it starts to make a little more sense. Electro and breaks cut with chain-shredding brostep drops are what you'd expect from a DJ set at a gig or festival (more often than not), where moshing — or “raging” — not dancing, is most likely. After starting out with a bonkers video of himself jumping around and mixing in his bedroom, 2014 has seen him embark on his first-ever international tour, thereby explaining the reason for his significant rise up the poll since last year. “It was awesome to finally meet and party with my fans around the globe after many years of them waiting,” he tells DJ Mag. Coming a long way from lo-fi webcam streams, he's unwilling to turn his back on the online channel (now with over a million subscribers), that sent his career viral, now splicing his mixes with big budget sequences of him skateboarding in Cali and spraying Champagne over goth girls in bikinis. Despite his name, he's not a character who blends in.
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