Diskotetris (DE)

Frank Hahn aka Diskotetris aka Giana Brotherz is a rare electronic artist with an eclectic and diverse ability to experience a career as 2 very different alter egos. Starting back in the days in 1999 with Breaktbeat & Jungle music, he developed to one of the most exceptional artists within the German Drum&Bass scene. After moving from Cologne to Berlin, he built up a new straight 4 to the floor Techno music driven project called Diskotetris. As a well booked DJ, Frank knows how to bring the energy of a live concert into his DJ sets with his amazing peformance and stage presence. Anyone that has experienced one of his his gigs knows that he is an exceptional DJ that blends Drum&Bass, Dubstep and Breaks like no other. No less energetic are his Techno sets, that only emphasize his wide musical spectrum.
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