Dewinos (NL)

Dewin Streck a.k.a. Dewinos, born in Amsterdam on april the 21st 1991. Dewinos always had a connection with music, starting from a young age where he developed his taste of music from friends, family and record stores. Always discovering new music in various genres: pop music, hip-hop and R&B, house music and a lot more. He has an extremely broad interest. After listening for a while he started to be more creative with the tunes he listened to. At that point Dewinos started to play the guitar, as an outlet for his creativity. While he was mastering his instrument he also discovered the computer and found it to be a great tool to play, create and discover music with. Soon the guitar wasn’t the only thing that could fulfil his needs, after he found out about turntables. Right then he started playing around with turntables and never stopped ever since. He likes to play new records, old records and most importantly entertain people with the music he adores. After a while he started buying his own equipment, to become better fast, aiming for being the best in his style and trying to make his dream come true. Becoming a DJ that will be acknowledged as an artist. Soon after setting his goal he started to play in clubs with an unique style of mixing which completely caught the crowd off guard. He learned to read his crowd, surprise and entertain it, over and over again. This is all part of his greater plan to become the artist he wants to be. Nowadays you will find Dewinos playing in clubs, discovering new music at home, working in his studio, and sweating his ass off to become a little bit better than he was the day before. Follow him around if you are looking for a wild party, he will give you the time of your life! All of his achievements where not possible by the support of friends, family, and the people he got to know over the years. People like DeeJay Kid and Winston Rose for a start outside his hometown Almere and a first push to become a better DJ. His parents and brothers for all their support and believe in him. And of course a lot of his friends who will be always ready to party!
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