Devereaux 85 (NL)

Devereaux 85 is a Dutch dj, founder of Urban Road Records, and the creator of “1984 Night Arcade” a synthwave event held biannually in Amsterdam Netherlands. Influenced by 1980's film and pop culture, Devereaux 85 takes you on a musical journey through time. His dj set consists of 80’s inspired synthwave, funky electro, groovy italo, blended with catchy synth classics from the 1980s era. In October of 2016, Devereaux 85 introduced the synthwave music genre at Amsterdam Dance Event for the first time in it's history by organizing an event of it’s own. He invited the biggest names available like Timecop1983, Sunglasses Kid, College and Maethelvin to perform live at “1984 Night at the Arcade” also known as “Night Arcade”. This event turned out to be a succes so he decided to continue these events, inviting top international artists two times a year. One edition being on a bigger scale early summer. And one on a smaller, more intimate scale at the end of October during Amsterdam Dance Event. In 2017 Devereaux 85 already has landed international dj gigs at synthwave parties in cities like London, Berlin, Antwerp, and his home town Amsterdam to name a few, with a China tour and Amsterdam Dance Event coming up later this year! He often tours with his friend Timecop1983 as a supporting dj act. “I feel perfectly comfortable deejaying at the beginning of a party, creating a sexy, retro, feel good atmosphere! Like every dj, I love to end the party with a Bang too!” - Devereaux 85 -
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