Deetail (DE)


Born in 1996 and raised in the Lower Rhine region, Deetail has always felt drawn to big cities and their culture. An avid listener of electronic music from an early age, his musical career led him straight to techno. However, he only discovered his love and passion for it when he first heard tracks by Ben Klock at the age of 16. Over time, he became his idol and remains so today.

He quickly realized that techno was going to be an important part of his life. He's never been a fan of mainstream sound, which is why he's gone his own way to differentiate himself from the crowd. Going back to the "underground sessions" where Deetail got the taste for DJing, listening to and laying techno became part of his everyday life over time. Due to his creative streak as a graphic designer, he continues to spend his time developing his skills as a DJ. Constantly experimenting and trying things out has helped him identify the musical style he now represents.

His sound is minimalist, but also very industrial and powerful. Deetail's current sets show an interesting narrative and a sense of flow. He puts his focus on dark, spacious and ultra-detailed techno and manages to convey not only the aesthetics but also the club experience in his DJ sets. Not only will you notice the variety of his track choices, but also his ability to create space and time instead of just playing with it. "Intense" and "powerful" are two characteristics that distinguish Deetail's artistic ability as a DJ. In order to give the expression of techno its own meaning, he plans to release his first tracks on the label KXLR8-Records in the near future. In addition, he has been resident DJ at the XLR8 Club in Kleve since July 2021 and is enjoying his first major success.

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