Dean High (NL)

Growing up in a music-minded family in a small town in the Netherlands, Dean High’s love for music started at a young age. With his father being a professional bass-player, he was spoon-fed with soul, funk and a whole lot of musical rarities. It was only a natural step for him to start playing piano at the age of six. Music really got a hold on him when he bought his first turntables and started collecting and spinning mostly hip-hop records. Dean soon began experimenting with making beats on an old Atari, being inspired by producers like Flying Lotus and J. Dilla. This later on got him into the Herman Brood Academy, where he learned all the ins and outs of being a producer. After finishing his studies he moved to the city of Amsterdam. Weekly digging at record stores like Rush Hour broadened his musical horizon. African, tribal, Balearic, disco, funk and house music changed his perspective on music and inspired him to continue making music with vintage synthesizers and DJ with a new point of view. His diverse sets contain a unique blend of Funk-based music, from obscure psychedelics to African boogie. This earned him gigs at venues like Paradiso, Roest, Tolhuistuin, Chicago social club and as a resident at Canvas with MORE BOUNCE - Collective. Together with L33, Lucas Benjamin and Rob Manga, this funk-minded collective started throwing parties on a monthly basis, aiming to bring the funk back into the Amsterdam nightlife. In the meanwhile Dean High is in the studio working on his new EP.
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