David Zowie (GB)

David Zowie, is an English DJ and music producer. He is best known for his song ‘House Every Weekend’, which made history when it topped the first ever Friday UK Singles Chart in over 50 years on 10th July 2015 - making it the first song to do so on a Friday since Adam Faith's "Poor Me" in March 1960. Zowie, a native of Kent, England, was indeed named after music legend David Bowie - Zowie also being the middle name of Bowie's son Duncan. Originally being named by his father as ‘David Zowie Ziggy Stardust Aladdin Sane Thin White Duke Twig The Wonder Kid’ before his mother changed his name by deed poll. Zowie started producing music as a young teenager initially using a pair of wooden decks and Sound Labs, commencing production when he was 14. Two years later he bought a pair of Technics SL-1200s from a local club he was playing at and started mixing and making music electronically. His early production covered all genres from dance music to reggae and R&B and he was also part of a vocal group. Over the years, David has continued to expand upon his musical skills and express his overwhelming passion for music, and the release of dance track ‘House Every Weekend’ gave him the exposure he needed to finally make his mark on the music industry. The club track drew from the uplifting feel of early '90s house music – sampling a track from the Nervous label catalog - and is reminiscent of early 2000s bass line house. The track grew rapidly in popularity over the summer, with support from Your Army, and having been played by The Magician and Annie Mac primarily, was eventually picked up by the Virgin label. The track has been described by fans as ‘the track of the summer 2015’. This response enabled the song to rapidly climb the charts to gain the number one spot in the UK chart. The same year, Zowie remixed DJ Fresh & Adam F's ‘Believer’, Nero’s ‘Two Minds’ and Rita Ora's ‘Poison’.
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