David Abarca (ES)

It is difficult to summarize briefly the more than 15 years of his career, but if there is to highlight some values ​​that identify his work and his understanding of this profession, these are innovation, consistency, quality and safety of himself.
A musical style very clear and refined, the sound House is his hallmark, but not lock in integrating new sounds. Knowing that this technique requires musical side, he develop to perfection in each of the manifestations of this style. Currently his sessions ranging from Deep, Latin, Tribal Tech and even the more underground side of house.
This has led me to be now one of the DJ's most innovative and effective in tackling the most demanding dance floors, addressing them all with great success. A house Lover!
 He performed a dj sets for brands like Armani, Calvin Klein, Rolex, Nike, Adidas, Cartier, Hugo Boss, Roberto Cavalli, Ralph Lauren, Tudor, Apple, Moet & Chandon and more… And playing in clubs in Spain like ShowFame (Valladolid), Dink, Kapital, Castellana (Madrid), Florida 135 (Fraga), Otto Zutz (Sitges), Big Ben , Wonder (Lleida)… and Bucheli Lounge (Basel-Switzerland) Released track in labels like Undergroovy, Vamos Music, Mjuzieek, Almibar, Ole Music, Dirty Music, Red Drum Music, Influential House and more…
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