Dave Ramone (DE)

Since his first Dj-Gig in the early 1990s, german DJ and producer Dave Ramone managed to emancipate more and more from all models and created a unique and extremely danceable sound. Persistence, steadiness, and creativity are three virtues you won’t find too often, especially in the Dancescene but are adequate means to describe Dave’s career. The rich experience Ramone was able to gather in his over 2500 appearances as a DJ (from Ibiza’s superclubs like Space and El Divino to the biggest german venues) make for another bonus. Musically sure more open than most of his companions, Dave’s dj-gigs fuse energetic electro-sound, House and banging tribal beats. ” I try to avoid sticking to one style only – i like to surprise people” the 34 year-old says. Ramone’ s DJ sets are the epitome of what DJing is about – passion and amazing tunes. Working out of the same studios as fellow producer and long-term friend & partner Thomas Gold, he has sharpened his production skills and produced door to door with one of the finest producers in the world.
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