Danilo Secli (IT)

Danilo Secli , born in 1982, he approached as a young manin the world of music. His experience began in 1996 as a DJin local radio and, later, he started working with the clubs.Danilo prefers house music, but in his dj sets, other genresof music are important. Over the years he has producedmany remixes like “Aventura – Obsesion rougepassion rmx”"Ourthing Tribal sou""T he Freackers"- "The Kiss - Insidethe Legs"- Shatek" "Gigi de Martino & T ll Groove- LasBrujas rmx", "Danilo Secli  - Makonda", "T ll groove - Vientodel mar - D.Secli  rmx", " Steve Gregory - Everybody's free -D.Secli  rmx"His latest project, Salento Calls Italy, collectsyears of work on the production of remixes of the mostbeautiful songs of the folk music of Salento. T he workfaithfully respects the original dynamics and has the solepurpose of making eternal and present the music of thetradition.Meanwhile, Danilo Secli  music is transmitted fromthe main national radio stations and many clubs throughoutItaly have hosted his performances.
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