Daniël van der Sluijs (NL)

Speaker (Opus Media Management)

At the tender age of 16, Daniël van der Sluijs took his first steps into the music realm, founding a record label to support his producer friends in their creative endeavors. This early initiative set the stage for an enriching educational chapter at the Herman Brood Academie when he was around 19, where he not only absorbed industry nuances but later returned to share his evolving knowledge as a guest teacher. Following his graduation, Daniël embarked on an impactful journey with Protocol Recordings, where his dedication and insights saw him rise to the pivotal role of Label Director over an eight-year tenure.

In 2022, in collaboration with Ralph Vonk, Daniël co-founded Opus Media Management, an initiative born from recognizing a genuine need in the music space. Opus quickly became a haven for talents, including notable names like TECH IT DEEP, Lady Bee, Marc Benjamin, The Rocketman, and the gifted songwriter Melissa de Kleine. 2023 marked a significant milestone as Opus acquired both Panther's Groove and SIQUE, further cementing its position in the industry. In addition to this, Opus's collaboration extends to an array of labels, with TECH IT DEEP RECORDS, Ravehouse Records, Municipal Recordings, Happy Feelings, and Nova Collective benefiting from their expertise.

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