Daliyama (DE)

Daliyama is a Berlin-based trio, performing live electronic music. Using only synths, bass guitar and acoustic drums, Daliyama devotes itself to musical innovation, both in the studio and on stage. This leads to progressive, melodic studio tracks, as well as to 60 minute live & non-stop techno sets. A dreamy mosaic out of synth pads and square basses at a summers open-air, but also a rough and powerful machine creating dark house grooves in a Berlin rave bunker. Daliyama works together with a selection of progressive local and international creatives. This includes visual artists, event organizers and several DJ's for whom they produce live remixes. A recent remix was released on the Muttis Mischkonsum label. In October 2015, Daliyama played at a special conference at the famous Amsterdam Dance Event. Here their music was well received by bookers, organizers and labels from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Berlin. When the Dutch collective moved to Berlin late 2014, they immediately started leaving clear footprints in the progressive city's soil. A cooperation with the Select*Elect event organizer led to some unforgettable party experiences. Such as an overwhelming live set in the notorious club Griessmühle, turning a crowd of hundreds wild. Then, Daliyama released their first self-produced studio EP “AM/PM”, in the spring of 2015. Not much later, performances in other well-known Berlin clubs like Badehaus, Keller and Neu West Berlin would follow. After being founded in 2012 in the Netherlands, Daliyama played a lot of festivals, clubs and other venues between 2012 and 2014. Among them are: Sugar Factory, Shoeless Festival, Tivoli, Studio K, Hal16, Bellevue Theater and Pakhuis Wilhelmina. As the word went around, Daliyama received an invitation to speak at the Music Motion pitch in Pakhuis de Zwijger (May 2014, Amsterdam). This led to an interview with the well known electronic music magazine DJ-Broadcast. They launched Daliyama as one of the new talents in the scene. That same summer, Daliyama played the prestigious “Shoeless” festival in Amsterdam, where they proved their act works fully independent. Daliyama’s reliable plug&play system enables them to play anytime, anywhere – also when the location isn’t technically prepared for live acts.
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