Da Capo (ZA)


Nicodimas Sekheta Mogashoa is a self-taught producer & DJ who first fell in love with house music at an early age enabling him to have a good ear for music and the unmistakable ability to create blazing sounds to keep masses salivating for more and earned him his spot amongst South Africa and the world over as a highly regarded producer at a young age.

Inspired by the biggest names in the house music industry such as Jimpster, Nick Holder, Rocco, Louie Vega, Zepherin Saint, Andy Compton, Black Coffee to name a few; Da Capo has set on a journey to create his mark on the House Music scene with the release of his Solo E.Ps released under DNH Records which elevated him to a household name in countries far afield and clubs around the world, leading to him signing a deal with Toronto based Music Label DNH Records owned by well- known DJ/Producer Nick Holder in 2010.

Making waves in the industry with his creative, spirit moving music and his famous “Touch” on remixes, the DJ & Producer didn’t show any signs on slowing down soon. Besides releasing several EP’s as well as many remixes, Da Capo’s music creations have also been aired on some of South Africa’s best radio stations. He has also been affiliated with established industry leaders including artists Freshly Ground, Muzart, The Soil, Ralf GUM and brands such as Soul Candi and House Afrika. Within his exciting career Da Capo has toured Europe where he performed in capital cities, London, Paris and also performing at the annual “Electropicales” event at Reunion Island.

2013 saw him release Surreal Sounds’ debut project “Surreal Selections Vol. 1” where he worked with producer Punk Mbedzi. DJ Swizz mixed the album. Da Capo went on and released his long awaited first solo studio album in 2014 working with Soulstar, Clara Hill, Rona Ray, Andyboi to name a few. It’s clear that Da Capo is here to stay and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. 2015 is an exciting year for the 25- year-old DJ & Producer.

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