Tyago (NL)

He started playing records when he was 14 years old,spinning at local parties. Born in Lissabon soon found the club scene of the Trendycity irresistable, at age 16 he got his first opportunity to try his hand behind the decks. Has influences ranging from Disco to euro electropop and his african roots he deeply steeped in the legacy of Chicago house and New York garage. He is known for spinning eclectic sets not limited to any genre, combining deep house, jackin house and tech house genre through the use of effects on the mixing desk, TYAGO adds his own colour, texture and feel as he maximises every beat of every track to create the unique sound. His precision mixing at incalculable speeds is part of the show; as each track mixes in you can positively feel the dance-floor going up a notch to keep up with the frantic and energetic.
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