Jerry Anthony (NL)

Producer/DJ Jerry Anthony Jerry, started producing sometime in 1994: all forms of remixing, rebuilding, playing piano and producing music in many different styles. A year later Jerry started producing more seriously and distributing his music on various dial-up BBS's together with others in his group "Tha Thunderous Team". All this turned out to be a bit of a dead end and everyone went their own way. Round about '95/'96 Jay started DJ'ing; he started with hardcore (better know as gabber-house). This lasted for about a year and after that it was all groovy house, funky house and club music. Jay started a DJ team with two friends and spinned in various disco's, events and radio stations. Sometime around 1996 Jerry decided to distribute music on the internet that isn't specifically suited for the dance floor, but conveys more feelings and emotions, under the album name "Natural Elements". Ever since then it's been plain sailing all the way. Jay worked with various producers, artists, rappers and singers, and he also gave a lot of others a nudge in the right direction. In all those years Jerry produced tracks, remixes and bootlegs that are being played in various disco's and are being recognized by many DJ's and people. He used to produce under names as Thunderous Jerry, Groove-O-Matic, Enhanced Process, TJ Project, T-Jay, The Compressor, just to name a few. His style is a blend of groovy, uk garage, house, tech-house, jazz, influence all mixed together.
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