CUT_ (you can call them CUT underscore) is an electronic music duo, that excists of producer Sebestiaan Dutilh and vocalist Belle Doron. With their music they’re able to build a bridge between the triphop sounds of Massive Attack and the current bass scene led by key figures like James Blake and Burial. With their interpretation of Stromae’s ‘Papaoutai’ they gained a YouTube hit and next to the international blogs they also received the approval of the Belgian maestro himself. They’re eager to prove that CUT_ is much more than just this cover. To Dutch press they told: “Right now we’re focused on making our own EP, which we produce ourselves”. And how this will sound exactly, we have to found out after the Summer. With the upcoming live shows they will provide the audience a little preview. Besides their new music CUT_ always creates a unique experience with their improvasation and using interactieve visuals.
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