Crystal Chanay (NL)


Crystal Chanay is a extravagant rapper, singer, songwriter and audio engineer. She's from the neighborhood Holendrecht in Amsterdam. She's a raw, imperial, go getter that doesn't take no for an answer. Ever since she was a little girl she dreamed of being on stage. She found her voice through music and developed an open and honest approach ever since. Crystal never really fitted in, so she created her own PARADI$E. With her presence in the music industry she aspires to encourage people to believe in their own unique power. She uses the struggles she's faced with her mental health as fuel for succes. Think of Crystal Chanay as a diamond; the pressure of life made her great. So far she released 2 singles this year and featered on Ella John's single "TWEE BARKIE". Crystal is currently working on her debut EP: "$NABBA CA$H". Prepare to be swept of your feet!

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